The training courses for workers begin in Mundosol Quality


Not only the new campaign has begun 2013/2014 in the labor area in Mundosol Quality, and is that with the arrival of October and November the school course begins also. One of the constant worries of the management takes root in the permanent training of his workers.

Anually there are projected a series of courses, sessions and talks for all the workers. With this formation one tries to update concepts of the daily housekeeping of every working place and, or, to acquire new others from the advance of the técnologías that they allow to progress to our employees.

The innovation is present in Mundosol Quality’s corporate politics not only understood as the incorporation of new machines or the accomplishment of new confections, but also like to prosper of the innovations and one to put a day the knowledge of the professionals.

The whole personnel, independently of the department in the one that develops his activity: field, engineers, store, office, intermediate controls, management and executives, has a specific plan of annual formation compatible with the housekeeping of his working place.

Indispensable in order that the products that Mundosol Quality commercializes continue being competent, on the different markets in those who are distributed, it is that the professionals who elaborate them support a constant formation.