Year of goods

We begin the new year by gripping strongly with the old sayings ‘With snow in January, there is no austere year’ or ‘Year of snows, year of goods’. For more than 30 years, it was snowing in the Segura’s capital and about 80 years ago that was not in Cartagena at the foot of the beach, so we are faced with the episode of the cold spell that has passed through the Spanish Southeast, days of immense joy in Murcia.

If accompanied by 40 liters per square meter of rain the day after the historic snowfall, this joy is accentuated. Between the episode of great rains of December and this one of snows / rains of January softens a little more the period of drought that we dragged.

Even so, the Segura Basin is in red numbers and it is still asking for help to other basins to transfer water so that we can continue to grow and produce quality fruits and vegetables throughout Europe. There is a lack of solidarity similar to what happened in Los Alcazares last December, as the floods were about to have very catastrophic consequences. Help was received from all over Spain and it is very grateful for this help. Specifically in the ‘Campo de Cartagena’, there would be 20,000 families dedicated to agriculture who would suffer in a catastrophic way the abandonment of their worthy jobs in the countryside and their entry into poverty, which is why we ask for solidarity and that the basins with surplus Of water, we transfer some drop (paying this water). See if it meets the year of goods.

The photo of this post corresponds to one of our farms located at the foot of the Sierra de Carrascoy, very beautiful as seen with the snow. This snow lasted a short time due to the rise in temperatures, but the beautiful snowy ridge, endured a few more days to enjoy the little ones.

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