Graft of prong

In 2012 during June we decide to graft 11000 of the trees of orange tree on one of our frams.

The type of grafts chosen in this case it was of prong, we think that it was the best system given the conditions and characteristics of the orange trees and the pretensions that we had with the new lemon trees: four prongs in two arms of the tree.

These orange trees of the variety “lane late” were grafted by vegetable material from trees of lemon tree of the variety verna, from our own estate to avoid external pollutions.

Since it is possible to observe in the image, with only year and a half of new life already it appreciates the freightage that already has the tree. Several of these lemon trees even have produced already some kilos of lemons that will be gathered this next spring.

This type of grafts, four prongs in two arms of the tree, assures a production earlier than other types.

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