‘Merry Christmas’

The Christmas holidays are here and the members of our department engineers and field technicians, trained by: José Manuel, Jose Antonio, Ricardo and Luis, I want to congratulate Christmas and wish you the best for the holidays.

Also, irrigation equipment: Vicente, José Luis and Mostafa, tractor drivers: Julian, Raul, Christian, Nouredine and Mohamed, the brush cutters: Vicente, Rachid, Labed, José Antonio, Paco, Antonio Ismael and Alex, the ‘all road ‘: Frasco, Mostafa, Boujema, Khalid Ahmed and Juan Antonio, and keeper of them all, Francisco, wish you happy holidays and a happy new year.

As expected, the field responds, just missing trees also respond to this year 2014 that begins and give us the best fruits.


Cutting up

After the rainy episode last September, the start of the campaign was resisted, but as the saying “Bad weather good…

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