“Aphytis melinus”: wood-louses’s parasitic

It continues the compilation of the lemon of the variety primofiori in Mundosol Quality’s estates. The equipment of engineers and field technical personnel we support, unlike what it could seem, the vigilance of the fields during the epoch of compilation in order to detect and to evaluate the importance of the presence of any wood-louse: “red louse” and “white louse” especially, to be able to take measurements against them in a rapid and effective way.

Once gathered the fruit, which is in the habit of coinciding with the winter entry, we will go on to the second phase in which we will evaluate if to realize an application, after the pruning of the trees already without crop, to eliminate the major population of plague. Normally the thickness of the plague is in the habit of living in the wood and interior zones of the trees, for what the action of the application is important this way to minimize the hurts that they could cause with a view to the near crop.

In case of Mundosol Quality’s estates, thanks to the action of the wasp “aphytis melinus”: wood-louses’s parasitic, which one finds of natural form in our plots, at the moment it is not necessary that any application is thrown since this one has controlled very well the plague during this period.

In the image one estimates “aphytis melinus” that has parasitized a “red louse”.

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