In our opinion, the drought cycle seems to be coming to an end, with data included until October of this year, in our neighboring farm of Mar Menor (El Pino) we have recorded 237 l/m2 and in the farm located at the foot of the Sierra de Carrascoy 294 l / m2, when we add the months of November and December we will arrive and even exceed 350 l/m2, as usual to rain in the deficit basin of our beloved Segura River.

During the year 2017 we barely surpassed 200 l/m2 of precipitation, which together with the generalized drought in Spain made the Tajo-Segura transfer unviable, although from the Mediterranean we continued to nourish half of our fruits and vegetables that are so needed to live.

In this area, if it were not for the rainy season that occurred between December 17 and December 19, 2016, that was registered at 200 l/m2, that year would have been extremely dry at around 100 l / m2, we had it really bad although it was solved in only three days of crumbs (typical Murcian tradition of making this delicacy that is made during the rainy days).

Our Murcian ambassador and representative of our agriculture in Spain, Mr. Miguel Ángel del Amor Saavedra (Minister of Agriculture in the Region of Murcia) in a few days of irrigation in the Aragón Alto pronounced a chilling phrase: “Murcia represents 3.4% of total water in Spain, and its horticultural exports account for 20% of the total of Spain. This shows the effectiveness of our water management. ” And we ask that how can we live without eating, that we are all necessary, some Spanish territories have water in abundance but its climate does not allow the cultivation of many fruits and vegetables. Others have optimal climatic conditions to cultivate but we do not have enough water, we only need a national union to continue benefiting us all.

Without further ado, we hope next month maybe from the top of the farm as seen in the image, seeing the clouds come to us, as the transfer of water they deny again.

Feliz Navidad 2019

One more year that ends and another that begins, the Christmas holidays have arrived, and there is no more appropriate…

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