Autumn disguised as summer in the moment in the area Murcia, or summer as have called the bloggers.

The irrigation needs of the trees are not very normal for the dates in which we are, however the water to irrigate is minimal, zero transfer as usual in recent years.

Pollinating insects and natural enemies continue to see a lot, thanks to the autumnal climate and thanks to the guest plants we have cultivated, in this case lavandula (Lavandula dentata). The use of environmentally friendly pesticides also favors them and there are more and more species of insects that decide to live with us among lemon trees.

From this blog and before the rain forecasts for next November, we hope that this is the case and the Murcia garden continues to supply the main world markets of our famous fruits and vegetables.

The image that heads this post is an image of the corporate videos that we have made in Mundosol Quality and that we have premiered in the recent edition of Fruit Attraction 2017 Madrid.

We leave the links to see them, the first of them is a general video ( and the second is specific to the ecological citriculture we practice on some of our farms (

We hope you enjoy watching them, as much as we do them !!