The Mula’s Cabañuelo

After a very dry summer with lots of low rainfall, the problem of water for irrigation in this region continues to widen. Thanks to the prevailing air of Levante this August, the softness of temperatures has made that not much resent citrus, as water shortages this summer have been very evident. Are behaving quite well without receiving our lemon water they want. These have ruled (acting) well water stress which have undergone trees by drought.

We dream of water, our garden is not die and lack of coordination between the central government and autonomous to manage the Tajo-Segura, we have no one to pay much attention to ‘Mula’s Cabañuelo’.

José Buitrago Gutiérrez ‘The Buitrago o Cabañuelo Mula’, this name should appear on the ballot in the third famous elections with this man there would be no debate, no pacts or alliances, one would have an endowment and clearly absolute majority. His campaign is will be Water for All! and thus in Murcia hardly they would take no elections.

This great man says, ‘It is written in heaven everything will happen on the ground’. He takes many years this man developed the cabañuelas. These are a set of traditional methods of weather forecasting medium term. Based on the first 24 days of August and observations, predicted time of the next year (

According to Jose Buitrago rainfall for 2017 they are expected next year, hopefully so. We also expect an image as photography file heads the post, the sunrise after a rain. We leave the link to their predictions (