Respect for the environment, preserving the natural balances, in which agriculture, wildlife and landscape can go hand in hand, rather, should go hand in hand with our beloved Mar Menor.

At the end of last year, all our farms have been certified in Sustainable Agriculture, specifically in ‘Leaf’ (LinkingEnvironment and farming), reason why our commitment for the environment continues very present in our company Mundosol Quality. Efficient soil management, minimal use of chemicals and fertilizers for crop protection, maintenance of landscape and rural communities, improvement of wildlife habitats and a commitment to team spirit based on communication, training And participation, are the basic pillars of this new certification and that for years we already put in value.

If the field is the one that gives us food, it deserves no other treatment than that of good care, and in the same line, in minimizing the damage to the environment as it is our livelihood for life.

Spring is approaching and with it the longest flowering period in the fields. If you take care of the floral landscape that surrounds you, you are taking care of the bees and other pollinators, and these in turn take care of us humans, placing at our disposal greater productions of food to supply the entire world population.

In the photo that heads this topic, you can see how our agricultural production (lemon growing) goes hand in hand with the landscape (old mill) and wildlife, since many animal and plant species benefit from this integration.