St. Valentine

What better month to talk about the love for agriculture that February, the month in which is held ‘ St. Valentine’.

The trees are already sprouting, its first flower buds were observed and most of the farms are green. For farms Mundosol Quality is because they are keeping adventitious spring herbs to reach the maximum possible for flowering plants that attract helpful and fauna: natural enemies of pests. Importantly, the ‘mite Wonderland’ (Aceria sheldoni) is us, for now, respecting. Thing appreciated.

Like when you are in love have good and bad days, but in this case most days have been good also have been bad. During this last week the ‘God Aeolus’ has appeared in the region of Vega del Segura River damaging trees: Wind action has broken many branches, has brushed lemons with leaves and branches and even much of it has uprooted tree. With such force has reached the wind has shifted much of the portagoteros pipes, and even a blade of an old mill has been fractured.

These damages have been more frequent in our estate ‘Campo de Cartagena’, according to AEMET (Meteorological Agency) have come to reach gusts of up to 100 Km/h.


During this time of year appears one of the most common plants in the Huerta de Murcia, Murcia virtually all the known. Known colloquially as ‘vinaigrette’, has a very characteristic leaves and a striking color in their flowers. But mostly what is recognized is the sour taste, which gives it its nickname, flowering stems and leaf petioles. Many of us have tried it when we were kids.

Day by day

Today, the most important work we are doing in our plots are pruning mature trees, crushed charcoal, revision of the irrigation system, preparing the ground for future plantings of citrus, applications of manure, lime and collection planning crops.

El Campo Responde Mundosol Quality


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