After the staff deserved holiday cottages Quality began this September Mundosol very ‘hungry’ to see how this new campaign develops. A whole year waiting for this great moment that mother nature gives us the collection of fruits.

Back to school is still hard because of the high temperatures are maintained and the expected rains do not come, do not know where you have gotten here so far but took a very dry year.

Still, the trees continue to sprout strongly, say you are standardizing for the new course. Like its development are the natural enemies of pests that continue to play their fabulous role, and we very happy with it.

It is also time for our customers start making their predictions for lemons so that we are prepared to meet their needs paa.

Daily practices

Trees planted the previous spring summer have been a pretty good acclimatization area care to those who have gone through our ‘babys’ have helped enough. But, as we said above, the heat that still remains must not lower our guard against any of the citrus leafminer.

In adult trees is time to think about the strategies to be put in place for this new course, ultimately to optimize culture assays.