All Saints

During the month of November was held the Festival of All Saints’ Day (November 1).

On this day Saints cult surrenders, and from here we thank us, we are giving an excellent harvest and at the same time pray for them next spring bloom is excellent.

Temperatures drop, the fruits continue its natural degreening on the tree, reduce pests and predators of these with these milder temperatures appear more frequently. The citrus leafminer new shoots damaged just because of this drop in temperature.

We are rather loose latest beneficial insects as it is ending the calendar release of these before the onset of winter. Also is preparing the schedule loose and trials will begin next spring. Our tendency is to optimize working pest control by biotechnological control thanks biological control (insect loose) and the technological control (thanks to the monitoring of flights of major pests and the use of pheromones sexual confusion).

Continue certification audits of our product in the field, every time we are more prepared (our team of engineers and field technicians) to meet various quality seals that the market demands.