Saint John

Three days of intense and improper summer (from June 21 to June 24 included), a great wave of heat has crossed all of Spain, a start of summer asphyxiating for us humans but that for now has been very good for our Trees. High temperatures have slowed down on the aphid, predators of pests have also dropped their guard, although as we have overcome the heat wave and are already seen jumping from leaf to blade.

The Saint John’s night, between the heat wave and the bonfires I believe that the same temperature reached the maximum temperature of this beginning of summer. Even the red partridge (Alectoris rufa) chose a good shade to make its nest and that its pellets are running around in adventitious grasses. The sustainability that we practice in our farms and the respect for the environment that we inculcamos, make that more and more species choose us as hotel to spend the vacations.

The physiological fall of fruits of Saint John, was not so alarming since the lemon wedge of this next harvest had already finished days before.

We entered dates of special precaution with the mincer of citrus, although more and more scientific studies of the existence of more predators of this pest, which we believe that in a few years in the lemon tree is no longer just a plague.

Until September this field blog says goodbye, we do not know if going on vacation to sea and beach areas and seeing so much water infinite gives us much envy.
We need water for our fields !!!

Feliz Navidad 2019

One more year that ends and another that begins, the Christmas holidays have arrived, and there is no more appropriate…

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