A agricultural level we are like all our colleagues from other farms, adapting new notebook models operating under new rules RD 1311/2012 laying down the framework for action to achieve the sustainable use of plant protection products.

The most important notes the figure of ‘Advisor Integrated Pest Management’ should be registered in the Official Register of Manufacturers and Operators Media Plant Defense (ROPO) appears. It also makes us the machinery must be registered with the Official Register of Agricultural Machinery (ROMA), in addition to these machines must pass the ITV periodically for proper operation.

Peers dealing applying phytosanitary must hold the card ‘Professional User Protection Product Basic Level, Qualified, Exterminator, Pilot’ to develop the work.

For Mundosol Quality to bring our holdings under the Integrated Pest Management, and be GlobalGAP certified for more than 0 years ago, the adaptation is small. But as happens in any period of adjustment to this new legislation takes time.

Reduced waste

With this new regulation greater sustainability of farms seeking to reduce carbon footprint, water, increasing biodiversity, emphasizing the management of erosion and fertilization (the latter especially in vulnerable areas by problems nitrates in the soil).

As this occurs at the legislative level, farming follow the proper course of this month. Becomes more relevant these days soil aeration (minimizing soil erosion) to eradicate adventitious herbs and competing our culture. This task should be done against slope to prevent soil loss and maintain the structure of this.

Hopefully temperatures rise to start pruning lemon trees.

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