Planting varieties of lemon

In June, with his characteristic warmth, just by planting seedlings in the past our farms. The nurseries work with them long, you ensure a healthy and virus free ready to be put into the ground floor. As you can see in the picture, in the first we planted this year, and the first sprouts are popping up with characteristic purple.

As we said in the previous post, in this type of planting the biggest concern right now is to keep the controlled ‘citrus leafminer’ (Phyllonictis citrella). The entire team of technicians and engineers do not cease in this battle because it is the basis of the proper growth of the lemon.

Meanwhile, the collection of Verna variety continues its pace, the mild winter we’ve had this year has caused you to forward the start date of collection so we are in a time of a lot of work. It appears that the physiological fruit drop (known in the field as ‘Fall of San Juan’) is coming to an end, as the curdling of future lemons for next season has been good.

Other jobs

During these weeks we have also increased surveillance on spiders that have survived the treatments because they are close to making the jump from leaf to fruit and cause the so-called ‘lemon mustache’.

Is also a time, due to rising temperatures, relevant for irrigation: to ensure that each tree receives water required for proper growth is fundamental. For this we have a team of irrigation consisting of several people reviewing sector to sector losses or obstructions are minimal irrigation emitters.

Feliz Navidad 2019

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