Erhitacus rubecola or European Robin is a passerine bird in the Muscicapidae, typical immigrant in autumn-winter in our latitudes. His beautiful singing, like the nightingale, has been rejoicing this period through its intonations on farms in our region. When spring comes Murcia, many of these go home, forests of northern Europe.

Legend has it that along with the swallow bird was removed the thorns of Christ on Calvary, splashing his chest blood red that looks since.

A departure from our fields, is substituted the red of his chest by the purple new shoots of our lemon, they start to look, radiant sun of our beloved Murcia, carrying the first flower buds as a prelude to the great harvest expected.

As you can see from the picture, the tree is the variety Verna, whose intrinsic characteristic of this variety is that the harvest of 2014 not yet collected, with new shoots and flowering of the crop of 2015 together (overlap whole family ).

Mimo, pruning, irrigation and fertilizer is our contribution to achieve the quality that characterizes our crops.

That desire to get drunk with the intense aroma of orange blossoms that are sure to bathe farms Mundosol Quality !!!

El Campo Responde Mundosol Quality


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