November Rain

It was 1991 when a very important rock group, Guns n ‘Roses, released a song that gives title to this entry blogger. These Americans doubt very much that they hardly know Murcia, since the sadness with which they sang this well-known song differs a lot from the joy that we feel Murcia farmers when we approach the clouds loaded with water. Water that is life for our fields and our fruits.

In 2016, we had, especially a very little rainy season, for the moment, the cold winter has begun and there is almost no drop. The greenery of the photograph that heads the post is much missed. Typical autumn photo where you can see an all-terrain vegetable cover after the characteristic rains of the season. The remains of the old irrigation facility that is appreciated, we do not know what year it dates but if we know that by those dates sure that rainfall was more abundant, things of climate change.

In spite of the low rainfall, nature is very wise, lemon trees follow their normal course, they continue to increase their lemons caliber, the lemon’s natural degreening is very advanced and the first vinaigrettes (Oxalis pes caprae) begin to be exhibited. Hopefully looking at the sky, in a month, the floor will be completely upholstered and its yellow flowers will not fade with the unmistakable yellow of the lemon.

The fact that few rain and cool summer have caused biological control of pests that affect the natural lemon, its predators and parasites with this mild autumn are behaving astonishment and has hardly needed any phytosanitary intervention, for What the balance and sustainability of the plots of Mundosol Quality caresses the fineness.

Feliz Navidad 2019

One more year that ends and another that begins, the Christmas holidays have arrived, and there is no more appropriate…

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