Merry Christmas

From the blog ‘El Campo Responds’ we join in congratulating our colleagues from central handling of lemon.

In the three owned farms Mundosol Quality: ‘Comarza’, ‘Lo Vilella’ and ‘Hacienda El Pino’ are also ready to celebrate these special days. The management of farms, field technicians, managers of farms, coordinator of collection, buyer gender field, court managers, team leaders, lemon cutters, truck, tractor, grafting, pruners and farm laborers wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015, both our warehouse and office mates as our customers and suppliers.

We also remember our colleagues from other farms and other businesses citrus fruit, thanks to them our desire to improve unabated.

And unanimous desire from ‘El Campo Responds’ for next year hopefully come full of abundant water in the form of lemons.