Merry Christmas

On January 18 of the year that we are finishing it snowed in practically the whole Region of Murcia. It had not snowed in any area for many years. With this beautiful image from the Technical Field Department of Mundosol Quality we want to congratulate you this Christmas and wish you a prosperous new year.

If something has in common the color of the snow is with the hair color that is being put to us part of the technical team, the headaches to produce lemons with hardly any water resources are the cause of our accentuated level of gray hair (it is not age, is our concern).

To the ‘Three Wise Men’ we obviously can only ask for a small gift or effort and it is that please rain more and end this endless drought.

To our warehouse and office colleagues, our suppliers, our competitors and, of course, our customers, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a good start to the year (hopefully rainy).