As if Antonio, main character of the latest announcement from The National Lottery, we tried we apparently have remembered us and these last weeks rains have come as a jackpot, making an entry fall and winter pretty good.

The lemon cut continues, and many acres are those collected. Lemon quality remains consistent from day cutting. The management of our operations makes us reach a high quality product, under the rules of integrated production, resulting lemon respectful with the environment.

Daily tasks

During this time we are taking foliar and soil samples for nutritional status in order to improve the fertigation planning for next year. Motivated by the rains and the winter break, which are conducive less watering trees, took the opportunity to review the irrigation to minimize blockages in irrigation emitters and start next season with the irrigation system in perfect conditions.

It’s been a few months since the last planting lemon and we can appreciate its growth.

In addition, visits to our farms succeed at this time: different European customers and even a group of Asian farmers. The really enjoyed showing our clients and friends, with total transparency that characterizes the field team Mundosol Quality, our way of working.

El Campo Responde Mundosol Quality


This year 2020 is being characterized by leaving us quite unusual prints: we have suffered a global pandemic, rainfall has…

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