Limolino of wind

Somewhere in Murcia, whose name I do not remember, well if, in the Campo de Cartagena now that I remember, it has restored an old mill in the absence of manic paint. The scribe with the flag of our beloved Spain mill not know with certainty their age, but apparently older than any we have planted lemon tree in the farm adjoining the Mar Menor.

At the moment we took a hot and windy beginning of the year, with wind gusts of up to 40 km / h with a southwesterly direction and an average temperature of 14 ° C. And the maximum temperature of 23 ° C.

Undoubtedly, it looks more like a spring-autumn one winter.

Lavenders and rosemary in bloom, which is also seen in the photo, were planted in March last year in one of our improvements in plant biodiversity of the farm to increase the sustainability and attracting pollinators and beneficial insects for our growing lemon.

They have also grown several specimens of Artemisia arborescens so appreciated by our Muslim partners for the development of the Maghreb teas.

Routine or agricultural work on the farm can be summarized in the constant collection of fine lemon variety, further pruning the lemon trees which have been cut and the fruit as well as the revision of watering that they lack water facing the main stage of the crop, flowering and fruiting lemon tree.

See you in February and lemon carnival.