We are having a few last weeks of May with a lot ‘caloret’ days over 30 ° C in average temperature have accelerated flowering and fruit set lemon. A few months ago there was talk that we had a delay of about 15 days compared to 2014, but during this month and we believe that these high temperatures has been matched to previous years.

It has almost the end of flowering, but still need to keep an eye on Prays citri as flowers and fruits seconds rodrejos are a good host for this butterfly with the resulting problem that could happen if I said to attack the fruitlets and curdled, as even a few centimeters average diameter of the lemon is possible that the larva of this pest drill the fruit and make this unfeasible.

They begin to see the first copies of the common lizard, lizard ‘Juancho’ our friend. Not being experts in these types of animals, we think it’s the eyed lizard (Lacerta lepida). Our friends at Digital Region of Murcia tell us more about this animal that lived, at the following link: (,365,m,1292&r=ReP-4457-DETALLE_REPORTAJES)

Thanks to the heat summation and counting larvae and young states of diaspídidos, by the beginning of closing lemon star, in time we approach the treatment of first-generation white louse (Aspidiotus nerii) and California red scale (Aonidiella aurantii), so that surveillance has to be extreme, since effective treatment at the right time saves you problems in the future with the second and third generation and treatment could prevent some out of date and some residue in unwanted fruit.

Feliz Navidad 2019

One more year that ends and another that begins, the Christmas holidays have arrived, and there is no more appropriate…

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