Holy Week ‘Holy’

The tears of the Nazarenes for not being able to enjoy their processions this year have resulted in rain for this needed agricultural area. The orchard is filled with purifying and vivifying water.

In the final part of Holy Week expectations were met and it rained with pleasure, more than 100 Lts on our farms, as can be seen in the photo of the header. Holy Week holier than ever for us.

Nature is wise. Already on Holy Wednesday the bees were very active and fluttered, the ants raised their anthills from the ground in a hurry, even more than one moved food incessantly to the anthill. As can be seen in Photo 2, the ants stocked up on seeds to feed during the rainy days. The brazier time of the field already warned us.

Hormigas arrastrando víveres al hormiguero antes de que comience la lluvia.

It is known that, after Holy Week, Murcia celebrates the Spring Festival. And if it has rained on top, these holidays are more springtime. In the Bando de la Huerta, Murcia, has been impregnated with its best fragrance, the orange blossom. In addition, the sardineros and their comparsas are decorating themselves for their biggest party, the Burial of the Sardine, which is celebrated on Saturday.

And in the field

The floral explosion that awaits us in May is going to be a little bit. Surely with the increase in temperatures, the flowering of our crop is completed although the plant species that accompany the trees continue their flowering and the bees continue to work piecework. Although the flowering of the lemon tree will be almost finished, it is necessary to exercise caution over Prays citri since it is a lepidopteran that, although it attacks the flowers, can also do a lot of damage in the fresh fruits. All this would be normal, but to see what surprises May holds.