Santillana Vacations, notebooks Rubio to review before the new course … is synonymous with holidays: holidays in English and ‘hoLIMONdays for us’.

So we are the team of Quality Mundosol field, enjoying a little vacation, but that does not mean that our lemon holidaymakers. In our trees we have left them having a tight summer studying for the ‘selectivity’ that begins with harvesting of the first fruits next September.

Gone audits and unsurprisingly satisfactorily. From the field we can not fail to satisfy our customers and we have quality certifications asking us as a condition to supply the markets of our citrus.

Few months on this blog, commented that fruit set was still excellent lemon ago. Today we can announce that we will have a good year in quantity and quality of lemons.


With a 75-80% average relative humidity and temperatures above 35°C for several hours a day have made the working days in the field are very hard. In addition to this climate must be added the west wind and the ‘haze’ early-morning, as you can see in the picture taken in one of our farms.

Today rain is expected not a concern to farmers because the land is very dry and need extra watering from above. Yes, despite the lack of rain, this heat much they appreciate the trees are sprouting strongly and fruit fattening follows its own dynamics August.

By the time the water supply that provides the Tajo-Segura water to irrigate assures us and finish the season but as it does not rain this fall in the ‘Campo de Cartagena’ a ​​drought for years that we have is created, we will cross the fingers that this does not happen.

Feliz Navidad 2019

One more year that ends and another that begins, the Christmas holidays have arrived, and there is no more appropriate…

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