Happy Holidays Christmas

It is ending this year as 2015 and, as best I could celebrate with the Christmas. During these special dates celebrations and family meals occur, including several accompanying spirits with delicious Christmas cakes. It would not hurt that these spirits were accompanied with a fresh lemon rodajica. These slices can be cut either at home or buy them already cut and packaged. As we do not want anyone anything happen cutting lemons and does not enjoy the holidays as it deserves, we propose adding fresh slices that make our fellow

What delicacy of Murcia’s already cut and packaged ! That beauty of Christmas tree heads this entry, with Mr. Lemon and boats hanging from the tree.

From tree to your cup, lady ! Of course, this Christmas drink responsibly

Field answers and all members of the various estates you wish a Merry Christmas and Happy 2016. We expect the summer sweats past have become our lemon water for the new year.