Vicente Quesada, the all-terrain of the farm, ‘the handyman’ (as it says of our technical director: “The same you iron an egg, as you fry a tie”), Nerpio had to be, the architect of being able to offer hotel to all the insects that want it.

The great Vicentico has built a spring tailored to biodiversity, all sustainable, of course. And all in accordance with the environment and with our neighbor the Mar Menor.

The roof of the last ‘Bug Hotel’ (bugs hotel) is perhaps the most striking. This roof is made with the trunks of lemon trees that we had to start last year due to the scarcity of water resources.

In this 5-star superior hotel there are rooms for all tastes: with views of lemon trees, with views of the aromatic beds, the native hedges … all equipped with great detail.

At the moment we already have several formalized reservations: that of the lacewing family, that of the earwigs, of ladybugs, that of the butterflies … and even some online, that of solitary bees. It is true that we are not yet overbooking but we trust that as spring progresses we will have lodging problems.

Surely the Spring Festival week in Murcia will be full of color and aroma, a floral explosion that will not leave any insect indifferent.


The phenological state of the lemon tree continues its course, its small flower buds and new buds are beginning to be seen, which accompanied by the rains that have occurred in these first two months, make the lemon trees do not suffer after long months of drought.

The crucial time of our cultivation begins, we must close the vigilance on the flower moth (Prays citri), since it plays an important role in the expected future harvest of lemon to be collected during the next autumn.