‘Green hope’

Last April 4 in Murcia was presented the decree law of urgent measures to ‘ensure environmental sustainability in the Mar Menor’ ( It is expected to be a hopeful future for this jewel Murcian. It is a decree that a priori only affects farmers near the lagoon. The territorial scope of application is divided into three large areas delimited in an attached plan included in the decree.

Apply to the 3 zones compliance with the code of good agricultural practice, as well as to the collection of water from greenhouses, and applicable to zones 1 and 2 in an obligatory manner the action program on areas vulnerable to nitrate pollution of agricultural origin, making a balance of nitrogen depending on the soil and irrigation water to minimize pollution by nitrates.

In zone 1 (more restrictive), the implementation of vegetal structures of barrier and conservation destined to the retention and regulation of waters, control of run-offs, nitrate absorption and protection against the erosion of the soil, as well as the non-tillage and cultivation in favor of slope and the prohibition of temporary stacking of manure.

In the Mundosol Quality farm located in the Campo de Cartagena, all these practices are habitual, the non-tillage (photo that heads the post) is evident, a spontaneous vegetative cover is maintained, facilitating the retention of water and nitrates in this cover and avoiding the contamination of groundwater by nitrate overload, and preventing runoff after the rains. In addition, by mechanically removing the adventitious and competing herbs from our crop in this farm, we also help to preserve the Mar Menor’s sustainability, not to use the residual herbicides commonly used throughout the Campo de Cartagena, which coincidentally are the set of more active materials detected in the Mar Menor and not contemplated in this decree law.

Image courtesy of Trinidad Abellán

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