Flower from Murcia

No wonder the crowd of bees that populate Murcia orchards, since the characteristic aroma of lemon blossom (orange blossom) is intoxicating and the envelope again. Surely if there is a time of year that would further like walking amongst lemon is spring, especially when the lemon flower begins to open.

The constant hum of bees on a plot of lemon is the characteristic note of these dates. Honey ‘made in Murcia’ smells like lemon or so we thought, it’s natural heritage and Murcia limonar of humanity.

With the movement of tree sap, they start to come with a decent category of the best honey in Murcia. Then the dreaded aphids like much rolling these small breakouts, but thanks to ladybirds (one of their natural enemies) are, needless phytosanitary intervention, because nature itself is very wise and a balance of insects occurs in all Murcia orchards. With integrated production practices that is more bearable because by minimizing the use of pesticides, increased useful fauna is considerable, reaching a natural control of pests and more sustainable exploitation.

At the time we are seeing that the weather is good, take special surveillance of the moth citrus blossoms (Prays citri) and that future production depends heavily on this pest. According to the standard of integrated production of the Region of Murcia, against this plague, one of the recommended control methods is by Bacillus thuringiensis.

Compared with other chemicals Recommended control methods, the latter is more respectful of the environment.

Feliz Navidad 2019

One more year that ends and another that begins, the Christmas holidays have arrived, and there is no more appropriate…

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