In recent days has given a respite weather, ran out fevers winter and temperatures have increased. Several plant species indicating the proximity of spring are beginning to appear.

One of the predominant species are the margaritas and chrysanthemums, as you can see in the picture accompanying this blog post (Chrysanthemum coronary or Glebonis coronary). Are so beautiful to see in Mundosol Quality farms as gift last Valentine. We flooded fields in a blanket of color characteristic of our beloved Region of Murcia.

The beautiful orchids also help the formation of this characteristic color of the time while increasing plant biodiversity. In our farms are being exemplary in full bloom Orchid Hills (Orchis collina) and pink Abejera (Ophrys tenthredinifera).


We have started pruning lemon trees. First it was the turn of the youngest with a pruning, a light pruning to encourage vegetative growth and make them adults as soon as possible, lifting the skirts of trees to maximize the quality of our future lemons.

In addition to the slopes, the tree is also clear in the aerial part for him between light and has sufficient ventilation for proper growth, achieving a first selection of branches that will ensure quality production versus volume of collected fruits.