After one month of March of the rainiest in history in Spain (here in the Levant or drop) a Tajo-Segura transfer of 20 Hm3 per month during April, May and June was authorized, although it will be extended to 38 Hm3 because the The level of the Entrepeñas and Buendía reservoirs has exceeded 645 Hm3. The Spanish drought has ended, except as always in the Segura basin.

From these lands we saw how the Ebro in 2 weeks had to throw to the sea enough water to cover the annual water needs of the entire irrigable area of the Levante, it is imminently necessary a National Water Plan.

The expectation of solving the historical problem of drought in the Spanish Levante seems and we believe that it will be solved, the solidarity of the Spanish nation has always been of note. We need water to carry out our crops and continue feeding fruit and vegetables to these water donor areas.

In the countryside

The hope green color that is acquiring this spring with the new buds of the lemon trees and the characteristic color of the adventitious herbs associated with our crop (like the photo that heads this post) make the pest predators are at full capacity maintaining at levels not harmful to the main pests in the lemon tree.

With the generalized temperature rise that is taking place, even being very advanced the flowering, it is necessary to continue maintaining the state of alert on the lepidóptero (Prays citri) that feeds on the fresh flowers and frutitos and he himself will produce serious losses of the production.