Easter begins today, confraternities decorate their steps and provisioned candy, as is tradition in Murcia distribute younger encountered during the course of the processions. For this occasion all Nazarenes prepare ‘Monas’, boiled eggs to hand out during the parade, and even some tender had also distributed. In short, during the Easter tourists flock to see the magic of ‘Salzillo Saborean a piece of Murcia.

If we add the smell of Azahar it seems normal until just after Easter the spring festivals are held with Bando de la Huerta and Burial of the Sardine. In the field almost the same thing happens, our steps and cofrades (lemon trees), are in full bud and bloom, dress better than ever, its white flowers and scent of orange blossom attract tourists (bees and other pollinators and beneficial insects for our culture). We just need to our ‘virgencica La Fuensanta’ send us some water into rain that the fields would be grateful forever.

What if we can not complain is the sun that illuminates Murcia, this winter as spring has sat very well to trees because as you can see in the photo, new shoots are those that reveal much in the plots.

Routine work on farms are: Collection of lemon Fino, pruning collected and lemon trees, weeding competing crop, review of irrigation and land preparation for future plantings. In addition to extensive surveillance before the plague that can affect the flowers (Prays citri), is an emphasis on monitoring the first populations of red spider mites (Tetranychus urticae) and follow the thermal integral with the most sensitive states before treatment, scale insects attacking the lemon tree (white and red louse).