Divine youth

During the juvenile period citrus, these develop a capacity of higher vegetative growth, increased vigor, develop more spines (morphological structures of this period) and are almost unable to induce flowering, so that its entry into production is usually late. In practice, and with this mild winter, the trees also grow vegetatively, have also had time to bloom and there are several fruits that have curdled and can be collected when it reaches maturity and commercial size (will be prior to any adult tree ).The small fruit that heads the post, belongs to a tree three years, and have almost the size of a mature tree and crown width obscures the next row of trees, as they have overlapped. Now is the time to start exercise caution with citrus leafminer (Phyllocnistis Citrella), as this plague tree growth slows down, making it impossible for new brotaciones normal development. The natural control of aphids is done, among other predators, ladybugs, like the one in the photo, fruit-predator, friends forever.

The lemon trees are in full production (adults), almost giving terminate its flowering and fruit set fruit developed now, should thoroughly monitored the plague Prays citri, because this lepidopteran who takes refuge in flowers, could cause damage to fruit up to 2 cm in diameter, perforándolos and causing their abscission, with consequent reduction in harvest.

With the entry of almost summer temperatures are going to start new crops lemon trees to renovate the oldest plantations. We are working on it.

Almost fulfilled the thermal integral for the two most important scale insects that attack the lemon tree (California red scale and white louse), by little we are able to make the treatment of first generation, just before the fruits close the star, as there they go to sleep, causing problems in the second generation of early August. Biotechnological aids and their predators and parasites of the pest, sometimes, it is natural control, which would not need any phytosanitary intervention.