In football there is always a song of support to their players when the game is not going well, you have to put eggs, many more eggs !. Here on the field as you can see in the picture, if things work and you can not ask for more eggs. With the mild temperatures we carry this fall, the trees are sprouting in their bodies strong and young, thanks to the optimal conditions for the development of the pest aphid, they are always accompanied by their predators, in this case Chrysoperla carnea (Crisopa) , take for granted that this outbreak, when the egg continues its evolution and enliven larvae, is when natural control of aphids occurring, the countryside live!

The day of farms Mundosol Quality can be summarized in the collection of pruning the lemon and lemon. The collection continues, and once unloaded their cargo trees are being pruned before it gets cold and the winter break of these affects them the least. Part of the nutrients provided by fertigation program, returning to culture by crushing of the wood (habitual practice of our crops), improving the nutritional balance and increasing the sustainability of our farms.

It has begun the hydrological year and thanks to the will of all who make up the agricultural sector, one year will have the indispensable to the lives of our precious liquid citrus and thus to serve lemon half the world.

Later this month, we will move as every year the fair Fruit Attraction in Madrid, we will talk with customers, suppliers and we will go to ‘forum Innova’ to the papers to see progress in agriculture.

Feliz Navidad 2019

One more year that ends and another that begins, the Christmas holidays have arrived, and there is no more appropriate…

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