The award of the originality of the costumes for these carnivals is, without doubt, for this winter disguised spring. And it is that except for four days numbered, which has made some fresh, the rest of the month has been with spring temperatures. That is why the trees are in full budding and flowering. Although it is still early to see damage limonero moth (Prays citri), they should exercise caution if losses not want in crop production next.

According to the health status of crops published by the Plant Protection Service of the Ministry of Water, Agriculture and Environment of the Region of Murcia, whether during harvesting the percentage of fruits occupied by mealybugs is high, it should raise treatment winter, which must be preceded by a work of pruning or thinning, facilitating the entry of the product into the tree, which would ensure better treatment efficacy.


On February 18 we went to the Chair Technology FMC Corporation-UPCT Cartagena ‘New techniques in Citrus Integrated Management Fertirrigación’. It was the first day of this chair, in it we find more than 100 technicians and professionals citricultura Murcia. The presentations were very interesting with varied topics, from practices deficit irrigation (very viable practice in times of drought running and low rainfall), nutrition and fertilization on citrus (more sustainable farms with reduced fertilizer use), the introduction of new varieties of citrus and legal status of the same (here we miss the presentation of a variety of new lemon tree because only they were exposed orange and tangerine), control of weeds (not all herbs can be considered bad, since more and more the numerous benefits of these in terms of attracting beneficial insects) and finally biostimulation citrus (soil regeneration and improvement of fertility).

With the arrival of spring and flowering, the smell of orange blossom force be with you.