Cañarico by Mundosol Quality

The final exams are the most important of the year, usually during this month that summer begins, June. In full study to overcome these exams, we are immersed in the plantation of our farm called ‘Cañarico’, a farm that is located a few kilometers from our other farm ‘Comarza’ in the foothills of the Carrascoy mountain range.

The photo that heads the post corresponds to this new farm in which we are in full planting. We hope that the weather will accompany and our cultivation methods allow a rapid entry into production and that our customers enjoy the fruits that will be collected in the coming years.

During this month there are numerous exams, another that we have and hopefully will be exceeded as we have always been doing, the quality certifications of the farms of Mundosol Quality SL.

Honest Tea

During the past week we had a pleasant visit organized by Ailimpo (always grateful) of a worldwide delegation of Coca-Cola Iberian Partners, since they have launched some organic drinks (soft drinks, tea and organic coffee) called ‘Honest Tea’ (

It seeks to create and promote sustainable and responsible green drinks.

We are very grateful that they have agreed to our farm ‘Hacienda El Pino’, which with its 420 hectares of organic lemon farming we can supply this exciting organic project.

And of course, our staff is very involved with sustainability and respect for the environment. Our little hands Vicente has decorated an old wall taking advantage of the resources of exploitation (Photo 2), has simulated a tree with old cuts of trunks and in its branch has even placed a swing in which an owl swings and hanging from it, the ‘H’ of Honest.

Good job as always, Vicente.


Árbol ecológico Mundosol Quality

Photo 2


El Campo Responde Mundosol Quality


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