Bikini operation

A large proportion of the human population when these dates arrive before the holidays are made thin and lose a kilo, complete with a lot of exercise in order to get a ‘great guy’ to look for the beaches, this phenomenon called Operation Bikini. Here in the countryside, totally opposite happens, lemon for her bikini operation is to make as much fat lemons hanging from them. Once the stage of cell development, the turn to fill vesicles and abundant acid juice, and that is what they are doing, slowly gaining weight based lemons juice and preparing to reach the optimal size to start your harvest next September.

Heat waves of the past few weeks, if someone has done him good is the lemon, they do not like humans you accuse these high temperatures. With good water and nutrient status, except for the middle of the day they close their stomata and just make photosynthesis, the rest of the day, start new shoots, root volume increase their fruit and fat.

Continue the loose of natural enemies in biological control of pests and insects trials must adapt new outdoor and adverse weather conditions.

The audit tests as are over, we have approved a high note, always be improved, and we have set to work to the following tests by the improvements we proposed auditors.

From here we thank you to the group of employees of Muslim origin that a year has passed the dreaded Ramadan as more noticeable than ever, despite the intense heat.