Back to school

In single file with his backpack on his back, new shoes, books that smell like new, the course starts after the summer that we just spent. So we are, the crisoperlas with their backpacks hanging on the back, or what is the same, the eggs hanging from filaments, like the ones seen in the photograph, from there emerge the larvas of Crisoperla carnea that will take care of naturally to control the citrus aphid.

In the same way it also starts the harvesting of the lemon. Lemons that we have pampered from our farms so that consumers are satisfied with the external appearance and the organoleptic quality of the final product.

On our farm at the foot of the Sierra de Carrascoy, as we said in the last post last June, we have tried to capture the adult of the plague of the pine processionary that affects our lung, the great pine forest. It has been a total success, the capture of adults has been very high, so from September to December they will be treatedSecológicoSa base of Bacillusthuringiensis against the larva of the processionary before they begin to form their nests.
All under the supervision of our supplier in the biological control of pests (

A humid autumn is expected throughout the Spanish territory, so we believe that this year will be hydrically acceptable for the survival and improvement of our citrus, as the drought that haunted us these last two years has slowed down above all the growth of plantations younger.

As every year, from the Department of Field Technicians of Mundosol Quality we will go to Madrid to the tenth anniversary of the Fruit Attraction to share experiences and see the advances of the sector.

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