Autumn, October, month of attraction, of the Fruit Attraction fair where we have shared experiences with the sector in matters of citrus production as well as business relations.

As always, a success for all. This fair that celebrates 10 years improving year after year.

Winter is approaching and insects begin to look for accommodation for these winter months, from Mundosol we continue with our sustainable policy making improvements in biodiversity, this time it is a new area of aromatic plants accompanied by its insect hotel. In this new area different aromatic species have been cultivated: lavender, creeping rosemary, mint, mint, basil, incense, lemon thyme, santolina and common rosemary. All the construction of the zone enabled for the attraction of useful insects and pollinators has been made using old materials, a combined stone wall and old drilled trunks have been made for these insects to nest. In addition to an old mill wheel that is also part of the perimeter wall of the aromatic parterre. We have gone to more and they have been put to a source so that when the heat tightens they have where to drink water these insects.

Everything that surrounds the cultivation of lemon trees begins to work, the minimization of phytosanitary treatments is a reality, each time we are closer to the natural balance of the microecosystem that surrounds our crop, thanks to the help that nature and its biodiversity give us.

On foot of land

The harvest of fruit continues its course, harvesting the lemon as we know best, maintaining quality levels that our customers want, perhaps after the fair thanks to the great work of our commercial department the demand for our lemon increases and the volume to harvest be wider.

Feliz Navidad 2019

One more year that ends and another that begins, the Christmas holidays have arrived, and there is no more appropriate…

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