After the storm the calm returns to Mundosol Quality

This post was intended to be a joyful post welcoming the new course but it has become an informative post about what happened these days in the south-east Spanish.

In Mundosol Quality we are a big family, so we want to give our support to all those who are part of it and who have suffered the consequences of this storm. In situations like this, where acquaintances, neighbors and friends have suffered with such voracity the force of water, we want to give them the importance they deserve.

Therefore, our post this month goes for them, to give them the strength they need so much. A few days have passed since the sky unloaded with unusual intensity and much remains to be done.

September 8th….

AEMET publishes the first information of what was to come. Everything points to large accumulated rainfall in the next few hours. It arrives on September 12 and DANA causes the first damage in the city of Orihuela and adjacent areas, gradually moving south, causing damage in its path.

Days later, in the absence of quantifying the numerous damages caused by the storm in the peninsular south-east and, as the saying goes “after the storm comes calm.” Progressively normalcy is recovered, although unfortunately some areas continue to suffer the consequences of this storm.

From this post, to express the gratitude to all the security forces of the state that have participated in the rescue efforts and also, to volunteers, for their selfless help that they have contributed altruistically from different parts of the country.

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