A ray of sunshine oh oh oh

During this month sprays have been normal in climate, most mornings dawn with mist or spray and have taken advantage of this luxury snails. By mid-morning the sun came up and returned to their own temperatures this fall and summer. Almost the first light of day was the spiral receiving our heads this post. Within an ecosystem, these are controlled by birds, reptiles and mammals (including humans especially with its traditional Sunday Murcia rice with rabbit and snails chorrico lemon), not harming our culture.

After the rains occurred in october, the canopy covering the ground has provided food for these snails. Also thanks to this cover plant, attracting beneficial insects to fight pests biologically against our culture, the lemon is provided.

The field delegation Mundosol Quality who attended the Fruit Attraction 2015 this became satisfied with the opportunities and advances in agrotechnological matter, as far as possible are going to get about on our farms. Meetings with other field technicians, suppliers and customers were very satisfactory. Each edition of the fair is being overcome, with a greater volume of exhibitors, giving greater scope to the agricultural sector and ensuring a bright future of the Spanish agriculture.

Day to day

Lemon Pruning after lemon cutting its day to day as well as by mechanical removal methods adventitious herbs competing citrus crop. Whenever this is intensifying agricultural work, and that winter is just around the corner and at this time we should stop to avoid destabilizing prune the tree.

The health condition of the crop is optimal because the lower temperatures pest attack, which together with the mild climate, the natural enemies of these are becoming more abundant slows down.