He stays¡¡

A famous tweet by Gerard Piqué in relation to one of the soap operas of the summer, the signing of Neymar Jr. by the PSG flooded the social networks. In the end it was not fulfilled what Gerard and Neymar predicted set out for Paris. Similar to the football soap opera we are living from the agricultural estates an agonistic end of the year, water forecasts for watering are zero, Trasvase 0, severe drought in Spain average. From these lines we hope that the Tajo-Segura ‘Se Quede’ Trasvase and the surplus water of the Tagus River basin instead of throwing it to the sea continue to sell it to the Southeast of Spain.

In this long summer that still continues, those who also remain are the aphids, but these do have a solution. The natural control by predatory insects is left to be photographed, since the photograph that heads this post corresponds to a new sprout with its aphids, but also the filaments of those that hang the eggs of one of its predators, Crisoperla carnea).

Next month of October, the Mundosol Quality Field Department will attend FruitAttraction2017 to learn about the new developments in the sector, we will hold meetings with clients and suppliers. We hope and want the visit to be very productive.

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This year 2020 is being characterized by leaving us quite unusual prints: we have suffered a global pandemic, rainfall has…

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