Results of the first three months of the campaign 2014-2015


When we are about to end the first quarter of the 2014-15 campaign, almost with Christmas coming through the door, it’s time to take stock of what they have alleged these months to Mundosol Quality.

As happen in previous years, the campaign began in late September a pretty intense. Frost suffered in Argentina last season contributed greatly to who has suffered an earthquake during the campaign lemon regarding demand and price.

The campaign began with prices ever seen in a fine start to the season, with all that this implies for good and bad. Good, because it is always good for the farmer to start with high prices with low prices. And worse, that nonexistent expectations excessive prices, slowing sales and promote our foreign competitors, mainly Turkey are generated.

As expected, in late October the market suffered a sharp adjustment in prices, which consequently moved to the countryside. November has been, as always, a quiet month: great stability and demand a little lazy, accordingly.


Today we face a Christmas campaign we hope will be successful. The aim of Mundosol Quality is simply to repeat the figures, by way of kilos made by our store, last year.

It is true that demand is a little numb infected by the tranquility of November, but we hope that the parties raise consumption to normal levels.