Results for the first quarter of the 2013-2014 campaign


Just finished the first quarter of collection campaign Primofiori lemon, quarter we could qualify as atypical. It began with an early October, as it were “started” in late September. The campaign began with an unusual intensity and two weeks before any previous campaign.
October was a really intense month with a very demanding market, marked by the completion of the early arrivals lemon Argentina and delayed the start of Turkey campaign.

November was more moderate in terms of demand October, perhaps moderately exceeded last year’s figures. However, throughout the month average prices were respected over the campaign, given the history of previous years totally unexpected situation.

Finally in December behaved moderately exceeding the previous year’s figures.

Overall fruit has performed slightly worse than other campaigns due to sustained high temperatures in our area during the months of September and October. This has made for weeks production lines, especially in untreated and ecological present an almost insurmountable difficulties to avoid claims.

For the first quarter Mundosol Quality Campaign reaffirms the figures from the previous season and underpin a consolidated market, both conventional lemon and lemon bio position.

Next quarter

The January-March quarter looms uncertain, with considerable uncertainty in all areas. If you doubt the behavior of these variables will mark his future.

Currently the field, in many instances, excessive pressure on exporter in economic terms, with prices that do not fit the market.

In addition, since Turkey confusing information that contradict each filtered. No doubt all leaks are interested in what the actual situation in Turkey today is difficult to predict.

Also the high expectations that are deposited at the end of the campaign are to play their role. Only time will tell whether or not confirmed.

In any case, from Quality Mundosol  we believe that January and February will be relaxed in shipments. The challenge will be to try to keep prices as far as possible and try to accommodate our position between the pressure from farmers and markets that traditionally are reluctant to move prices at this time.