Salmon to the lemon

This is a delicious recipe that features salmon. Maridaremos this fish with lemon and give you a flavor of freshly ground pepper.

The first is to prepare the ‘salmon lemon’ breaking sliced ​​lemon and adding a little salt to fish.

After selecting the dish from which we will cook, take about 4 pieces of aluminum foil and place them at the base of the fountain. Above each of the three pieces of paper put lemon rhodes and above these, the salmon. In addition, over each piece of fish we take a teaspoon of butter. After that, sprinkle the entire font with freshly ground pepper.

Then we will need another 4 pieces of aluminum foil to put over the fish, trying to seal the ends well.

The next step is to introduce the dish in the oven that we will have hot to 220°C. We’ll leave it for about 20 minutes to do.



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