Lemon liqueur

The lemon liqueur limoncello or” ‘is an easy and economical to produce liquor. It is very common to serve it cold enough to drink after meals as a digestive.

Here we show you the most popular recipe in Italy, where it is typical to elaborate.


  • 1 liter of alcohol
  • 1 kilo of lemons
  • 1.5 liters of mineral water
  • 875 grams of sugar
  • Paper coffee filters
  • Funnel
  • Glass containers


Ideally take freshly picked lemons from the tree, but remember very, very well washed lemons because they are just shells that we use.
The first part of the preparation involves the maceration of lemon on alcohol, for which you should proceed as follows: very thin shells Lemon Peel being careful to cut only the yellow part, not the whites, because it would give a bitter taste to the liquor. Marinate the peels in alcohol for a period of 4 or 5 days. If you have patience about 10 days leave.

After the steeping time of the shells, we proceed to prepare a syrup as follows: a half liter of water with 875 grams of sugar is placed in a container fire, boil a few minutes, stirring with a wooden spoon.

Allow to cool while the preparation until it reaches room temperature. Once the syrup is at room temperature is mixed with alcohol maceration with lemon, using a filter to remove the shells (which due to maceration have almost totally lost the color). After mixing, the liquor is ready to drink, ideally, if they have patience, is to let it sit for a week or ten days.



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