Lemon juice

The juice of lemon, more known as lemonade, is known both in the oriental world and in the western one. There exist many ways of elaborating the traditional and refreshing lemonade that he accompanied and he continues accompanying so many generations during the warm days of summer.

In Spain it was in the habit of being elaborated when some member of the family was suffering stomach inconveniences or to relieve the consequences of the fainting fits.

In the Spanish east the soft drink containing crushed ice of lemon became popular so much that at present exist ice-cream parlours specialized in this hailed drink that already there were elaborating and consuming the Arabs of a much more rudimentary way.


  • 2 kg Lemons
  • Sugar
  • Water


The first step to obtain a good soft drink containing crushed ice of lemon is to grate the lemons. For it it is possible to use a manual grater or it is possible to cut the bark of the lemon, we stretch that to make sure ourselves well that we separate the bark of the pith (white part) and to introduce her in a mincer.

Once grated the bark of all the lemons, there will take a deep and wide container and the grated rind will be separated. With the help of a squeezer, the whole juice of the lemons will slip.

Once squeezed, the juice of lemon will be added to the grated rind and will be removed well.

Later water and sugar will be added to the sufficient mixture, so much since be necessary; the aim is to obtain a drink with flavor to agreeable lemon, with a point of soft acidity.

Once added the sugar and the water will be necessary to remove well the mixture and to hope that the sugar stays well disuelto. With the help of a colander, we will spill the mixture in containers adapted to freeze or to guard in the icebox.

The last step will consist of puncturing the lemonade with the help of any domestic appliance as a suitable mixer to puncture ice.

This lemonade can be served alone, with a few leaves of mint or even with drink made from pomegranate juice or any other drink as rum.


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