Mundosol Quality, Cultural Company 2019 FUN & MONEY


In Madrid’s Sala Bardot, on the night of Wednesday, November 27, the First FUN & MONEY Awards Gala was held, organized by the law firm Carrillo Asesores.

The Cultural Company award has fallen to this edition in Mundosol Quality. Thus, the support in the form of patronage that the Murcia company has been providing to culture in general, and to the creative and artistic sector in particular, has been rewarded.

For Mundosol Quality the concept of sustainability is one of the fundamental pillars on which the entity is based. Sustainability, in this case, as a generator of culture in its broadest concept.

In addition to Mundosol Quality, other entities such as Starlite Festival or Share Music in other categories were awarded.

Our financial director, Maite Pujante, was in charge of receiving the award from Julián Galindo, partner of the firm.

Mundosol Quality is a Murcian company with a strong family character dedicated to both conventional and organic cultivation, handling and marketing of citrus fruits, mainly lemons.