Lighting the ‘Christmas tree’ at Mundosol Quality


This week has officially started Christmas at Mundosol Quality with the act of lighting the Christmas tree.

Candelaria Lucas, on behalf of the workers, and Paco and Tere, founders of the company, were in charge of carrying out the symbolic lighting, which all the members of the company participated in.

Both managers, and Candelaria, during their brief speeches have had words of gratitude for the team and good wishes, both professionally and personally, for everyone.

With this simple, but emotional act, it has been tried to share the Christmas feeling, and participate all of it, in these moments of high labor level in citrus.

Merry Christmas!!!


Our way of saying THANK YOU

Publicado: 27 Apr 2020

Without falling into institutional complacency, from Mundosol Quality we have wanted to say thanks to ourselves in these difficult times…

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