Lemon brownies



  • 190 gr. pastry flour
  • 180 gr. butter
  • Three large eggs
  • 190 gr. sugar
  • A lemon
  • 40 ml. condensed milk
  • Vanilla extract
  • Salt


The first step to making our lemon brownie is toss in a large bowl along with the sugar, flour and salt. We will remove all ingredients mixing well.

Meanwhile, in another bowl, will slightly’ll add melted butter and eggs, condensed milk, squeezed lemon juice, grated lemon peel the same and a few drops vanilla extract for desserts. Helping a rod stir all ingredients.

Now let’s join the two mixtures have separately. Again mix well until a single mass.

Based untaremos butter mold throughout its interior surface before pouring. We’ll put the pan in the oven previously heated to 180 degrees. for about 25 minutes.

To decorate the brownie we can put over with some icing or chocolate.