It finishes one of the Octobers with more volume of work in Mundosol


Besides for early, let’s bear in mind that the summer campaign of the Hemisphere South (Argentina, Uruguay and South Africa) finished before the foreseen what motive that the first orders were going forward for the Spanish exporters, the beginning of the campaign of primofiori 2013/2014 will be remembered for being one of them larger.

In Mundosol Quality, one of the principal exporters of Spanish citrus fruits, since last September 25 the shot of exit was given to the campaign of primofiori 2013/2014 has increased, with regard to previous campaigns, the kilos that there is work during this October. The great confidence of our clients, collaborators and of the principal markets in our brands it is the response to this beginning of so strong campaign.

The equipment of engineers and Mundosol Quality’s qualit department they prove to be satisfied enough for the nature that the lemons present till now gathered: size, color, texture … they are of an extraordinary quality for the dates of campaign in which we are. As for quantity, they prove to be also deceived since they could have managed the field to be able to answer to the strong demand of this initial month.

Lack of rain

Nevertheless, the equipment of field technical personnel of Mundosol Quality complains about the high temperatures that have registered up to the moment in the Low Vega of Sure, coming to brand more of 30ºC the mercury of the thermometer several consecutive days.

Joined the cold, also they have missed the rain. Since it began the summer, they are more than four months, there have not produced to themselves rainfalls of form generalized in the region what is necessary for the field in global terms and is starting being estimated of sensitive form in the growth of the fruits.